Artistic Resource for Teachers and Students, ( A.R.T.S.) Inc.


2017 – 2018



All five professionally musicians will introduce each of the brass instruments and feature each in a solo selection.  There is a brief and humorous demonstration of what makes the sound on a brass instrument and how students can make their own instrument.  The ensemble members will take turns explaining such musical terms as pitch, melody, tempo, dynamics, tone color, and imitation.  Above all, they will teach students that playing a musical instrument is fun.



“Music – Building America” is an interactive and educational program that features music from America during the 1800’s.   Through narration and song we will experience a period of America’s History through music.  The program features songs that tell the tales of the pioneers, explorers, slaves, immigrants and dreamers who helped shape this great land.

Songs were used in everyday life in America and singing became a tradition in America.   Music served many purposes for our settlers such as providing repetitive rhythm for repetitive manual work.  Music told stories of the strength of people who shaped our nation and singing was used to express peoples values and built solidarity with each other during both difficult time and celebrations. Music became a tool that helped people communicate, celebrate events and captured memories.   Often music served as a motivating tool and proved to be an inspiration to many as the music painted a  picture of what lay ahead in America’s future.



“AMERICA SINGS”  This program provides a lively and educational musical experience for elementary students.  It is a celebration of America’s rich musical heritage.  It features traditional American songs along with new original music composed on the spot with the students.  Beautiful visual materials will be displayed to illustrate concepts and focus student attention.  The program features American Music with a focus on Musical Theatre.  It will encourage students to use their talents and to keep America singing.



“Western Hoe-down” is a high-energy, 100 percent participation activity.  Duane and Shauna Woodmansee have been sharing their love of western dance for more than 35 years.  Students are immediately engaged in learning the art of square dancing while absorbing tidbits of history and social etiquette.  Other folk dances are frequently taught, including a modern country line dance if time permits.  Listening and cooperation skills are developed while the students are smiling and having fun.  Samples of costumes are displayed and explained.  This will be one of the students’ fondest memories of elementary school.



“The Prevailing Winds” is a woodwind quintet that presents music spanning 300 years of musical history.  The music will include selections ranging from Bach and Beethoven to popular music from films, such a Harry Potter.  Music from all parts of the world is presented.  Students will learn many aspects of music, such as how it can convey emotion, and how it can enhance specific events.  This program is educational, as well as entertaining for both the audiences and performers.



“OPERAWORKS”  A mixed quartet with piano accompanist presents an entertaining introduction to the world of Opera.  Students will learn about the history, the voice parts, and various elements of Opera.  They will enjoy the “light” side of Opera as they, themselves, become the makeup artist, prop director and sing in the Opera chorus of a delightful version of the “Three Pigs.” Energetic, and fast-paced, “Operaworks” proves that Opera really can be fun!



“TUNES n’ TALES”  Everyone loves a great story and a wonderful song!  Since the beginning of time, music has been a great storyteller, a powerful means of communication and the worldwide common language.  This trio will draw students in as they teach them that music is not only beautiful sounds and special effects, but is an explosive addition to a great story. Through the dynamite voices of the harp, viola and flute, their music will be enjoyed as stories are played out in the imagination of the students. This new perspective will create excitement about listening to and participating in music and storytelling.  Music, like no other medium has the ability to awaken emotions, paint pictures, express feelings and communicate old and new events.  Comedy, Tragedy, Mystery, Adventure, and the list goes on, it’s all there – Just listen…!



“Utah History Made Delicious!” A shovel, 3 hoes and a spade become rhythm instruments for 4 students and a teacher while the rest of the audience sings “Diggin’ In The Dirt”. An old dress becomes 3 shirts, then several quilt squares, then a rag rug, then ashes yielding lye for lye soap and fertilizer for the garden as students sing “Use It Up!” Several students play pioneer games as the rest sing, “Makin’ Fun“. And your local history* unfolds in anecdotes you’ve probably never heard and original songs that make them poignant and memorable.



“TRADITIONS LIVE ON”  Native American Music, Dance and History come alive through the talents of Nino Reyos, a Native American, Ute and Pueblo, master flute player and international lecturer on Native topics.  Nino, who grew up in the Uinta Basin made history as a highlighted flute player for the Opening Ceremony of the 2002 Winter Games as Native American Indians, for the first time in history, had such a large presence in the Olympic events.  Nino will include genuine Native American dance, music and story-telling to his fascinating presentation.  Wearing the traditional regalia he will take the students back in time when Native Americans dominated what is now the State of Utah.



An introduction to opera: What is opera? It is a play or a story set to music. The delightful children’s opera Little Red Riding Hood will be presented introducing students to the operatic voice, how opera is created and what opera is actually like in a fun, interactive and engaging way.



Aspen Winds is a talented and innovative classical woodwind quintet dedicated to educating and inspiring through entertaining programming. Join Aspen Winds in the Construction Zone! With a grab bag of musical instrument parts (Is it part of a flute? A clarinet? What IS that?), we’ll show you how our instruments work, and how we put music together to create something magical! “Like our instruments, music is more than just the sum of its parts.”



“Eastern Arts” music and dance ensemble presents authentic traditional music, dance and song from the Middle East and West Asia.  The program includes much student participation.  Members of Eastern Arts are professional musicians and dancers and have presented this program with rave reviews throughout the State of Utah.  Students will be introduced to unique instruments and a variety of rhythms and movements/dances.  Eastern Arts provides printed materials and a music CD prior to the program.  Teachers can use their materials as they see fit to prepare the students for the program.  Teachers and students will gain a new appreciation for world music traditions as the ensemble presents music from Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran (Persia), Uzbekistan, Mongolia and Western China.